Ideally they would love to stay together

Please seriously consider giving Sam and Jack a home. They certainly deserve a caring family and will repay you with much love, snuggling and purring.Please adopt us.....we are cute!!!!


Sam had been at the pound for almost a year and was going to be euthanized, so I took him. He is a big fat but beautiful cat. He is a wonderful kitty who loves to sit right next to you, and be petted. Sam is truly a handsome young healthy six year old (who could stand to lose some weight). Sam has the sweetest temperament of any cat I have ever had, he is not very playful, but is very affectionate. He spends (like most cats) most of his time finding a sunny spot in the house to nap in


Jack is an adorable, skittish and affectionate five year old cat. He has a cute black dot on his nose (like a bullseye or target!!). He was diagnosed with a rapid heart beat that is well controlled by a once a day medication that he loves to take because I crush the pill and give it him with a little cooked chicken!!! His medicine costs less than $50 a year (and I would be willing to pay for it for the rest of his life). He is a really great cat who thinks he is still a kitten, loves to chase a laser light toy and jump in my lap.